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Angelo's was established in 1962 as a neighborhood pizzeria serving classic Chicago style pizzas and Italian-American standards. The kitchen was, and still is today, anchored by a Fauld's 6-deck rotating bakery oven manufactured in Chicago from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. It is estimated that fewer than a dozen of these iconic ovens still remain operating in Chicago today. Hence, those who still operate these behemoths proudly lay claim to baking the best 'old school' Chicago style pizzas. In it's 'pizzeria' hay day Angelos averaged over 400 orders per day!

Times changed and Angelos evolved. Consumers began to demand whole foods, fresh ingredients, an appreciation of the culinary arts, and acquired a taste for wine. In 2016 our space was renovated to meet the demands of the marketplace and the neighborhood - and Angelo's Wine Bar was Born.